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Heroes of Tara D&D

Ethereal creatures stalk the fringes of humanity’s settlements while chieftains lead their clans to battle across the wilds and into the Otherworld. We are Heroes of Tara! Celtic legends meet 5e in this all-new expansion where players can enjoy the mystery, romance, and tragedy of the world of Ériu.

New Classes, Tribes, and Backgrounds enable players to make their own mythic heroes. Be blessed by sacred oaths or cursed if you break them. Court the power of the gods with a new flexible and dynamic spellcasting system. Ride over your foes in thundering chariots with a mounted combat system. Our Player’s Guide provides these tools and many more, enabling players to adventure through the epic tales of ancient Ireland.

In the Heroes of Tara Player’s Guide, we offer an immersive way to experience this world. Our book was written as a tribute, not only to the ancient storytellers who inspired it, but also to present-day storytellers who carry on the legacy.  Check out our shop to join the adventure!

Irish Mythology D & D Games


  • 3 New Classes, Each With 3 Impactful Subclasses

    • Fènnid: Wayfarers and Trackers, Skilled in the Ways of the Wild

    • Filí: Seers and Stewards of Knowledge, Granted Visions By The Gods

    • Warrior of the Red Branch: Swift-Handed Champions, Seeking Glory

  • Race System replaced by 3 Tribes

    • The Mysterious Aes Sidhe

    • The Stoic Fir Bolg 

    • The Passionate Gael

  • 9 New Backgrounds

  • New Feats

  • New Skills: Brehon Law, Bardic Verse, Chariot Driving, and Druid Lore 

  • Chariot Combat and Mechanics

  • A New Coinless Barter Economy to Replace Gold/Silver/Copper Currency

  • Create Your Own Wondrous Items Using Headhunting Mechanics

  • Imbue Your Gear With Powerful and Mythologically-Inspired Enchantments

  • Take on Sacred Codes of Conduct or Tempt Fate with the Gaesa System

  • Bring The Ancient World To Life With Mechanics for Special Social Encounters

    • Feasts, Boasting Competitions, Druidic Ceremonies, and More

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