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Where can I play Heroes of Tara? Is it out?

Heroes of Tara is not yet out, but you can get your hands on a demo and join our playtesting group on Discord

Where will it be sold after kickstarter?


Both printed and PDF versions of Heroes of Tara will be available on


Will there be other backer rewards when Heroes of Tara launches?


Yes, we will have many backer levels offering rewards. Those will be announced in the future. Right now, we only have rewards for PDFs and printed books. We will also be selling block prints depicting Celtic lore, and those prices will also be announced once our kickstarter launches.


Does Heroes of Tara encourage diversity?


Yes, this is an Ériu for everyone! According to archaeological evidence and historical records from the time, there was frequent interaction between Celtic society and other groups of people, as well as empowerment of women. Of course ancient history and myth can’t conform totally to modern sensibilities, but accuracy to source material should never get in the way of a group playing the game they want to, and making Ériu into a world all their own. Our Player's Guide will provide all the tools a gaming group needs to faithfully recreate history and mythology, but nothing is intended to be mandatory for the setting.


Aren’t there already Bards, Druids, Fir Bolgs and other Celtic things in the base game?


Heroes of Tara is made by a bunch of Celtic lore nerds who want to spread their passion for mythology! The original ruleset takes a great deal of inspiration from Celtic history and folklore and, in Heroes of Tara, we want to satisfy the intellectual curiosity of gamers by showing the authentic origins of some of their favorite classes, races, deities, and spells!

What does “Print on Demand” mean?

Since none of our team members are fulfillment experts, we are teaming up with to provide printing and shipping for the book!  When you pay for the Print on Demand option we are giving you permission to print as many books as you want for personal use from and access to a PDF copy.  This will let us charge less per book, allow backers to order as many books as they would like, and have a lower kickstarter funding goal.  Once backers get their PDF copy and print on demand code they will be able to order as many copies of Heroes of Tara as they want from paying for the printing and shipping at a lower price than a non-backer would have to pay for the same book.  This code will work for as many books in as many separate orders as you want to print for your whole lifetime.

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